Thursday, 6 August 2009

I am a shitmuncher once more

“Shitmuncher: Somebody who works 9-5, a commuter.”

When I started this blog my aim was to write a light-hearted account of modern motherhood. Something humorous, irreverent and somewhat tongue in cheek.

Well; for the past week I’ve sat at my computer every fucking day typing away and nothing light-hearted or humorous has come into my brain. This is because I am officially a shitmuncher and it’s horrendous. I really didn’t think about how tough things would be as a working mother. I want my fucking old life back - the one where I blew bubbles and walked round the park for a living, drank, blogged, and felt smug as I watched the shitmunchers marching to and from their dismal jobs.

This has all gone horribly wrong.


  1. It is tough being a mother and working. When I am at work, I feel guilty not spending more time with my girl. When I am home, I am in a bad temper as there is so much to do so I still do not spend lots of time with her. I am top on the list for imperfections - I can't bake, cook only a limited items of food. Many times at the supermarket I ask the older mum next to me "How do you know it this is ripe or what do you do with this veg?" Hey, imperfect people are the norm and we rule the world, so blow bubbles and walk around the park and this time you have a little boy to show off to the world. Remember you are lucky and fabulous!

  2. Oh dear Troutie.... give it up... live off the state... why do we suffer all this agony when others feel it's their right to claim for benefits... they have no bad feeling... Maybe they have it right?? I do believe however that you will need to buy a velour tracksuit to fit in....! Vanderbump. x

  3. I don't 'qualify'.......and the government make you go on Jeremy Kyle for a good talking to.

  4. I am dreadding going back to work... all of a sudden all my career focus and ambitions have disappeared, and the only thing I can focus on is sleep and where my next glass of wine is coming from... not work politics and pretending to give a shit about the drama. Very good blog! x