Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I have to start this post off by saying a very big thank you to Potty Mummy who with one click of her mouse, trebled my followers by naming me her British Blogging Mum of the Week. I didn’t even pay her so you can imagine my shock.

Now I have a problem. You see there I was pretty much alone out here in blog land swearing, drinking and writing some really rude and nasty stuff (often alone on a Friday night with tons of wine), and then you lovely people come along and now I feel like Mother Theresa and Sister Wendy just turned up to my swingers party and I’m just hoping that they know what kind of party this is and that they have rubber knickers on underneath their habits?

So this is a quick note to say, it’s Ok if you decide to stop following my posts because I think you may have caught me on a relatively good day. I am apologising in advance for my dark sense of humour and foul language. But I suppose no one’s forcing you to read this and we're all grown ups so…..I guess I can carry on pretty much as before.

Feel free to test your Troutie threshold here with some posts from my archive. If you’re still a follower after number three then it's going to be a beautiful friendship........

A post a lot of women will relate to (this one is safe if you don’t like it too dirty)

My first post (you may well call social services at this point and may also get me hate mail?)

My biggest rant and dirtiest post to date (probably not safe for the delicate and far too crude for a ‘Mum’ blog )


  1. Ah you see, you are stereotyping what you think a "Mum" blog is, a lot of us are just people (although I am not sure I would count myself as a person). Its a bit like being a lady or a woman..... if I am making any sense at all

  2. You're absolutely right. I do have a stereotypical idea of a 'Mum blog'. It's one of the reasons I started mine. I have read lots of Mum blogs which are very nice and clean, like 'Good Mothers'. I'm really enjoying finding ones which are a bit on the cheeky side and I'm willing to have my ideas challenged as always!

  3. You get my vote every time merely for telling it as it is and having the guts to put it in (very funny and highly entertaining) writing.

    I'm staying for the course.

    LCM x

  4. We all lust after a little dirt in our clean, boring mummy lives. You are the porn channel of the blogging mum's world. As long as you don't squash your son's fingers again: bring it on!

    Sister Wendy

  5. Is it bad that I skipped straight to post 3? And guess what - still here.

  6. You ladies are so hardcore. I'm delighted!

    P.S I didn't actually crush his fingers I just thought about it....

    And here's a wink for the ones who skipped straight to number 3. I don't do emoticons or ever, ever, use punctuation as an expression.

  7. I'm a straight to Number 3 kind of girl. Still here too.

    Love your blog, it makes me laugh. Makes me think it was a mistake to let my mother and mother in law know about mine... You write what I think. It's brilliant!

  8. I think I love you - you made me spit my diet coke onto my desk I was laughing so much. Think I'll stick around too!

  9. Childless Thirty Something11 October 2009 at 11:38

    Amazing TED talk that justifies this blog. http://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story.html

  10. Not. Going. Anywhere.

    (from someone that does use punctuation as an expression...)