Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fucked in Russian

I have been getting a message on my TV screen now for about a week which warns me that on the 30th of September I need to retune my freeview box. I went to do this today, only to discover that my son had managed to change the language settings to Russian. May I remind you that my son is not yet one and can I also say that altering the language settings is no mean feat. It's not like he just lent on the remote and it changed. You have to go through a lot of shit to get your TV to talk Russian to you. Now, here's the thing; because I can't read Russian I haven't a fucking clue what my TV is saying to me. I am totally helpless. I can't believe that I may have to learn Russian in order to retune my TV. My only other option is asking the group of drunks on the corner, outside the off licence if any of them can read Russian and will they retune my TV in exchange for cheap Polish beer?


  1. I know that you've probably tried this, but if it's anything like our sky box, have you tried switching everything off at the wall and then turning it on again? With the sky box (which I know is not the same thing, but then again...), that usually returns the tv to factory settings and sorts any kid-pressing-odd-button escapades out...

    Otherwise, well, try the drunks. But make sure they're not Polish...

  2. Thanks I will try that! Otherwise it's the Polish beer enthusiasts. Yes, They are Polish! x