Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I'd better up my game

The Bloggess has linked me. Fuck. I better get my shit together. She's also kind of outed me, which I don't really mind that much...What I can't believe is that I forgot to put the anthrax in the card!

Coming later...

Why they call me Troutie and if you haven't already guessed it, yes, I'll tell you where I work.

I'm off to do some really important stuff now, like take my sons wet fingers out of a plug socket but I'll be back soon. x


  1. YAY another sarcastic, smart ass woman blog to read at my boring as hell, suppressing the urge to scream my fucking head off job!! By the way, I too think the binge drinking panty-less woman looks like hella fun!

  2. Clearly, you're a BR-ALLER. I dig :)

  3. Will you send me a card, too? I'll even give you my address. I'm insanely jealous of The Bloggess.

  4. I'm totally happy to send you a card. My email is troutiesblog@hotmail.co.uk. Would you like a sarcastic threat with that too?

    The Bloggess' address, a P.O box might I add, is actually advertised on her website if you look carefully enough.

    Just stating my case that while I may be creative and bit crazy, I'm not actually a stalker. Although I could be for money.