Friday, 30 October 2009

It's the weekend

It's been an interesting week. It started out that I was stuck in the house with a viral infection. Life was very dull. Then the Bloggess linked me and lots of people came to visit my blog because they thought I was a stalker. I don't know who's weirder, me or them?

As a result of this I gained a lot of new friends. So, hi and welcome.

Some of them left amazing comments like this anonymous woman.

I may not be around much this weekend so for all my new friends, here is a previous post which you might like. Ladies and gentleman, I give you 'String Vests', now with added pictures.

I'm also not that big on Halloween. Never carved a pumpkin in my life. But if you would like some seasonal fun then check out Wendy Aarons piece for some recession busting ideas.

I have to go now because I have to wrestle something out of my child's hand.....

....there's only a drop left and Mummy's going to need that - it's the weekend.


  1. Just teach him how to mix up a zombie for you, like I've taught my 5-year-old. You can sit back, relax AND celebrate Halloween!

  2. Goodness me, If I had known you were going to link my comment I would have been more polite and not outed my 'Pissy Friend". One day I might post a comment with my blog linked. Without you knowing who I am ;-)

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    You're so intriguing....

  4. I have been lurking here since 'The Bloggess' linked to you. I lurk over there as well. I occasionally suffer from comment envy which in turn causes commenter's block. But not today it seems. Anonymous has me intrigued as well lol.

  5. Get that bottle back. I'll send you over some anonymous Bosnian plum brandy, brewed from the still next door and still in its original plastic bottle.

    If a cut out letters from a newspaper you too can have your own blogging stalker...