Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Angel's in the post......let's make a baby!

Dear Friends,

I need your help.

Through this blog, I met a lovely lady who I’m going to call ‘Cookie’. Cookie is trying to make some mini cookies and she’s been going at for years. She is an incredibly sweet and generously spirited lady.

When she read my posts about my (fertility?) statue which ended up being the ‘angel’ on my Christmas Tree, she was intrigued. I don’t know how serious she was but she said she’d like to borrow it.

My response: “It’s in the post.”

Besides, for those of you who have been following the fertility statue saga, I was without it for many years so I figured that a few months couldn’t hurt. I’ve asked that it be returned in time to grace my tree once more. Not of course that I’m hoping to be pregnant again by Christmas. I have well and truly learnt my lesson about cocktails and drunken sex.

Anyway, I’m straying from the point.

Some years ago when I was toying with music journalism, I went to a Joan Baez concert. I found out that Joan and I had something in common. Neither of us were really big ‘God’ people. But she said something really interesting about prayers. I can’t remember exactly what she said but she was referring to this research.

I may not be God's number one fan but I’m willing to accept that I am a minute and insignificant collection of cells, existing in one small corner of an infinite universe. Basically, what the fuck do I know?

Cookie has received the Angel and starts a new course of treatment on Monday. The girl has been going at this shit for 6 years people!!!!!

So please, leave a comment below and send a little wish, prayer or thought to Cookie.

Yours truly,


For those of you who haven't got a clue about the fertility statue saga, you can knock yourselves out with this and this (scroll down to the end).


  1. I am wishing Cookie every success and your fertility statue back for Christmas xxx I know how Cookie feels, but got there in the end. I have everything crossed.

  2. Hi Troutie - I'm no great God follower but babies - yes I know they tire yes out - have a tendency to show up when they want to ( one of my dearest friends is in year number 6 too - may need to borrow that statue..... ) please pass on my very best wishes.....xxxx

  3. Fingers crossed and good wishes and luck coming Cookie's way.

  4. fingers crossed it works for you cookie!

  5. I said a prayer. It can't hurt, can it?

  6. Thanks very much to all those who sent their prayers and positive thoughts. I'll keep you updated. xxx

  7. Good luck cookie. Really hope that you are on here sharing some good news soon. If it does work then maybe you should hire out the "angel", I could be your first customer.