Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fishy Tears

Tonight I’m off to the country for a few days. I’ll be waddling down country lanes breathing in the fresh air and gorging myself on Hot Cross Buns and Easter Chocolate. But thankfully I’ll be back on Sunday because being a city girl, there are only so many hours I can spend away from cocktail bars and the bright lights of the city, even if I’m not indulging in them.

I do miss my cocktails. Chocolate at the moment and buying fine foods from Waitrose seem to be my only pleasures.

If it wasn’t for this fat stomach (all the fatter for the above reasons) you could hardly tell that I was pregnant. I’ve had no sickness, no aches and pains, nothing to complain about at all except a little flatulence, the occasional flaring of a passionate temper and tiredness. But there is one thing which seems to be consuming me of late.


The tears are seemingly endless and there is a trigger around every corner. Charity adverts with folorn looking children “Quick! Turn it over!” I shout to myself covering my ears or singing loudly. I can’t watch the news. In fact a large amount of TV is now off limits to me. But there are some things that I can’t control.

Yesterday morning I remarked how Bushman (who finishes work around midnight and raids the fridge while I sleep blissfully) hadn’t eaten all the leftovers but had left some for me.

“Me never eat off everyting” he said.
Translation: I never eat everything.

“Yuh never notice ‘ow me always leave something?”
Translation: I always leave food for you.

“Me eat off de fish head an’ leave di rest for you.”
Translation: I love you so much that I eat the part of the animal that you don’t want so that you can have the best part.

And that was it. I started to weep uncontrollably because this, ladies and gentleman, is possibly the most romantic gesture that has ever been made towards me by my Jamaican lover. He ate the fucking fish head. That’s love for you.

So I cried.

He laughed at me because he couldn’t comprehend me.

“Jesus Christ.” he said “Yuh is one mad woman.”


  1. Dammit. Why has no man ever eaten a fish head for me? I feel neglected.

  2. I'm doing the crying thing, too. That was indeed one romantic thing to say.
    PS Don't watch Grey's Anatomy.

  3. I had a big crying thing when I was pregnant too. Watched 100 weepiest TV moments by mistake. Cried for a week - had to lock myself into the loo at work for a quick howl about the dog who was put down every single day.

    Eating the fish head. True true love.

  4. Oh, I was totally weepy during pregnancy (when I cried at Shenandoah, I knew I was probably over the edge). Then weepy immediately post baby. Now weepy with PMS, which has returned with an effing vengeance.


  5. Oh god I used to cry at EVERYTHING! The cravings were the worst. I was a veggie and one day my hubby came home to find me literally sobbing uncontrollably because I "Neeeed *sob* CHICKEN!! *sob*"

    It was a fun time.

    Oh! While I'm here, did you know that you've been nominated for a MAD award for best baby blog. You can read about the awards and download a badge if you like at Congrats!