Tuesday, 22 June 2010

It's Troutie's 1st Birthday!

On Tuesday 23rd June 2009 I shared my very first thoughts on motherhood with the rest of the world.

I had no idea if I would ever reach a first birthday but here I am one year later.

Apart from a short break in the New Year (when I was getting over the shock of being pregnant without meaning to for the second time around), I have become a fairly consistent blogger.

In the past year I've produced 80 posts and have amassed 59 followers, which makes me sound like the leader of a messianic cult. I've dispensed fertility symbols to complete strangers, stalked internet celebrities and received one free book as the spoils from my blogging. I've had a total of 9,327 page visits (mostly me visiting myself). I also believe that I've used the word fuck in nearly every one of my posts. It's been fairly exciting......

I think its only fair that on my birthday I get to recycle some of my old posts and give myself a well deserved mini-break, so here are some of the best bits from Troutie's first year.

First off, my first post. Short and sweet.

Why do they call me Troutie? Well, here's your answer

Secondly you can read some of my more explicit posts on anal sex and female ejaculation

Then there's my intellectual side

and lastly String Vests the infamous conversation between my loved one and I about appropriate clothing in the bank managers office.

I haven't taken part in Tara's Gallery much, I'm not a great photographer and I am too tempted to enter inappropriate images like this for my idea of motherhood.

If you've seen this all before, I apologise profusely. I'll do my damnest to come up with something excrutiatingly witty for next time.

Meanwhile, I'm off to enjoy my bloggin' birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Troutie!

    Re-reading the infamous string vest conversation reminded me why I started following you in the first place.

    LCM x

  2. happy birthday! Love the string vest post. I have a Jamaican friend here (though her accent is very faint now). I must share this with her!

  3. I'm using this chance to delurk and wish you a happy blogiversary!

  4. Ahh... the string vest. Possibly my favourite blog post ever.

    Happy Blog birthday - keep up the funny.


  5. Happy blog Birthday! I didn't know you started after me!

  6. And something for you at mine if you care to stop by!

    LCM x