Monday, 30 August 2010

Nothing to see here....

I am two pounds shy of thirteen stone. I have a 45 inch waist and whilst a week ago the baby felt as though it was going to drop out of me, now it seems to have retreated.

Sorry folks, but there's nothing to see here........I've been nowhere and done nothing, except go to my Mum's yesterday for a spankingly good roast dinner. I'm hoping that if I overeat that lack of space might force out my daughter?

One small bittersweet note to add here should be that I have finished my second and final tapestry cushion. Once I have actually sewn it together I will be posting a picture of my efforts so you can see what I have been toiling over for the last six months or so. And then suddenly I realise that with this final stitch I feel like I have lost a good friend. I may have to start another tapestry project.........

I may have lost a good friend but in the last few weeks I also reclaimed a couple. Two dear friends returned from Australia for a long holiday. Mr Townsville is a very old friend of mine and has carved out a second career for himself in Australia as a Reggae DJ. On coming round to my house he was shocked to find that I had no form of speakers in my house and listened to music through my computer. The next time he visited me he brought with him a small set of speakers which I plugged into my computer and which increased the volume of my music (and in particular the bass) to an incredible extent. It lifted my mood substantially. It also occurred to me that finally I might be able to annoy my upstairs neighbours.

So whilst I may be trapped in the house, unable to shake my booty at carnival, we can at least replicate carnival in our house. My son's top two tunes at the moment can be found here and here. Whilst I have been playing this very loudly out of nostalgia for the days when I lived in Tobago and also this which helps me to get through sticky mud of life that I find myself in at the moment. I am hoping that a good boogie might shake out the little lady.

Oh, hang on I felt a twinge....maybe today will be the day?


  1. Ooh, hope so! Got fingers crossed for you!

  2. Bring on more twinges!

    Good luck, hope the little one comes out soon.

  3. Have you tried jumping up and down a bit, in a sort of squatting position? My older sister's a midwife, and I'm pretty sure if I asked her advice that's what she would say. It seems logical.

    Surely the baby must come out eventually. Hope it all goes fantastically!

  4. Good grief, you just reminded me on all the little (and embarrassingly big) dance moves I performed when 42 weeks pregnant. I made a complete arse of myself, and in the end she got delivered by c-section. I could have been sitting on my sofa watching TV and stuffing myself instead!!
    Good luck with the birth and all. And congrats on having a girl! x

  5. So was it the day???
    My weight is also ridiculously high, and I've dropped mine. Ah well. I was dieting a bit, but that proved not to be too clever a combination with breastfeeding. I will have to wait to lose it a few months.
    Good luck with the birth!

  6. Good luck for the big day, when it arrives!