Monday, 4 October 2010

It's an eventful life......

Today was my son's second birthday. I have this great post that I'm going to write about his birthday party which took place on Saturday. However; it deserves due care and attention and right now I'm so tired I feel faint and nauseous. Plus I'm feeding my daughter by bottle with my left hand and typing with my right.

Since I last blogged, life has been quite eventful. I was almost knocked out by a conker yesterday, proof, if it were needed, that Autumn is definitely here. I bagged a promotion at work. I have still not given up breastfeeding (entirely).  I have finally registered my daughter's birth. I have flooded my bathroom, hosted a birthday party and mastered Japanese.

OK, so the last bit about Japanese was a lie. Nevertheless, I am aware that mostly I sound quite awesome. Except that if you saw my house and my face you would know that all of this, plus the sleep deprivation, is taking its toll.

So, because I have nothing better to offer right now. I thought you might all enjoy a lovely cake sandwich.

My partner is a chef, but even he is partial to the odd cake sandwich. I have never eaten a cake sandwich, not even when I was REALLY stoned in the nineties. However; to Bushman, a cake sandwich is a perfectly viable and valid snack. 

For those of you wanting to recreate this culinary delight, I thought you might need a picture to help you.

Here goes: The Bushman Cake Sandwich. Made with hard dough bread and Caribbean cake. Bon Appetit.


  1. It doesn't really look very appetizing. It looks kind of dry. Doesn't it need some icing on that?

  2. Hang on - your partner is a chef???? Jammy (no sandwich pun intended) is not the word...

  3. Potty - it doesn't really work in my favour because he avoids cooking at home as I think the picture proves. x

  4. Mmm - we do honey cake on bread here. But we add butter.

  5. Looks like the perfect dessert to have after a chip sandwich, or chip butty, my cousins favourite snack.