Monday, 21 December 2009

All blinged out in Hackney

This time last year my son was just three months old. My tree was covered in silver and blue baubles, blue lights and blue ribbons. But this year it's all about me.......

It struck me a while back that I hadn’t worn any jewellery for ages. I have tons of the stuff which since becoming a mum I rarely wear. So this year I decided to get it out and hang it on my tree. Bling! Bling! Bling!

I had invited my friend Miss Stitchie round for sherry, mince pies and tree dressing last weekend but when my Christmas Ocado delivery arrived on Thursday night (Yes, I now I can't really afford Ocado but it's Christmas), out came the sherry and before I knew it the tree that I got out 'just to put the lights on' was suddenly dripping in jewels. Luckily Stitchie forgave me and even helped me to make two wreaths with greenery collected from our local overgrown cemetery.

So here is the blinging tree I created whilst drunk on sherry ......

The mask, I wore to a ball at the Venice Carnival in 2008. It's significant for two reasons. Firstly because this is how damn glamorous I used to be. Secondly, it was after this holiday that I became pregnant.

The outfit seen here, included an enormous brooch, now on my tree......

...and pearls and diamante buckles....

Lots of the other stuff on my tree I made out of broken jewellery and old bits of silk.

Also on my tree is reams of my grandmother's vintage crocheted lace, broken chandelier drops, bangles and bows.

Last but not least a fairy who if she could talk, would tell you a thousand tales......

Many thanks to Miss Stitchie who made these beauties for me from an old jumper and real pearls!

And also for my cemetery wreaths!

Merry Blingin' Christmas to one and all!


  1. That is an awesomely blinging tree - just gorgeous! Love the picture if you at the Ball too, I've always had fancied dressing up like that for a party. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your tree.

  2. Thanks Liz,

    Sorry for my typing error on your page. I'm usually so careful!

  3. Love it - bling is the new fairy light. And isn't that a fertility doll on the top of your tree?

    LCM x

  4. Shit! Don't freak me out LCM!

    There is a story behind this little angel....coming soon.

  5. love your blinging tree - very original - the last original concept crimbo tree I did was back in my twenties when I was drunk with friends and all we had was colored feathers and Quality Street seethrough colored wrappers which we made into bows and decorated the tree with - it was an awesome tree and the best christmas ever

  6. Can't wait to hear the story behind the angel.

    Merry blinging Christmas.

  7. That is amazing. If I had any jewelry I would totally do that. I think the Brits have the best trees, we spent Christmas in Yorkshire back in '89 and I was totally amazed at how there were trees everywhere. And definitely want to hear the story about the angel....a fertility angel, rather appropriate for a holiday celebrating a pretty unique case of fertility, eh?