Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Troutie’s Pregnancy Advice: Less Cake, More Wine

Last night I spent a lot of time with Jon Bon Jovi. I have never been particularly attracted to Jon Bon Jovi, so this was a mystery to me. I wondered whether JBJ is considered as existing on the ginger spectrum? Because if so this might explain it.  Every time I am pregnant I find myself inexplicably attracted to redheaded men including Laurence Fox and Prince Harry.

After I awoke from my Jon Bon Jovi dream, I had to attend a repeat blood test at the doctor’s.

“Why do I need another one?” I asked the nurse.

“You’re borderline” she said “Sugar high, iron low. This baby’s taking it out of you.”

“I didn’t need a blood test to tell you that.” I said

I enquired whether this was as simple as eating less cake and drinking more red wine. The nurse didn’t seem to disagree with me, so I spent this afternoon disobeying the first order (less cake) and taking red wine with my dinner.

It’s fair to say I look pretty washed out. There’s no pregnant glow about me and my mood is definitely less than bubbly. So today Victoria Sponge and Cupcake came to cheer me up and we took Afternoon Tea in my mother’s garden with homemade scones and raspberry jam and cream imported from the Suffolk countryside.


Also on the table, Gooseberry Granita made with Gooseberries from the Stuston Farm Shop. Scroll down for something of a recipe.
Anyway, I promised that I would pass on my 'Blog with Substance' Award....and I shall....just not right now because I'm going to bed to spend time with men like this, this or this. None of whom I actually fancy......

Gooseberry Granita: get some gooseberries, boil them with a bit of water and a bit of sugar. Push through a sieve, allow to cool and freeze overnight. Smash up the gooseberry ice and put it into a glass jug and with a few slices of lime, cucumber and a couple of sprigs of mint. Then add any amount of the following to taste. Sparkling Elderflower water, Apple Juice (really nice stuff not the stuff that looks like piss) and San Pellegrino or other nice sparkling water. Alternatively, or additionally, you could add champers - yum. Makes a lovely green, green, cocktail.

Happy National Kissing Day, by the way you gorgeous people!


  1. I'm quite partial to Jon Bon Jovi, Mmm

  2. Less than bubbly mood? How is that possible?
    (I think I'm scaring my family as well - the sarcasm, the tears. Ah well.)

  3. I almost shagged someone who was a dead ringer for Rupert Grint once. I don't remember why.
    Am also a bit partial to JBJ!

  4. Is that really your tea? Oh God, I am jealous! I can't even find scones in the store... (US) And God forbid I make my own. The granita sounds awesome though (probably can't find those ingredients either - grumble, grumble, grumble...)