Friday, 15 April 2011

Ukeleles and Racist haircuts

Can a haircut be racist?

I think mine just might be. Very skint and in need of a trim I set off to the Vidal Sasson Academy two days ago for a £12 haircut. They took almost every hair off my head and left me with a long bit at the front.  I look like I should be wearing a checked shirt, Doctor Marten boots and have a swallow tattooed on my neck. (i.e how racist women looked in the 80's - I tried to find a picture but I just ended uphaving to endure racist websites.....)

Shall we move on to Ukeleles?

Please go to this page and vote for my sister (Olivia Thompson) only if you are not a racist!

(Tip: You may have to click 'like' on the Ukelele festival of Great Britain page before you can click 'like' under her video)

Sorry its a short one today but tomorrow is my birthday - why that should shorten my blog post I'm not sure but its a great excuse for almost anything!


  1. I tried the cheap dollar haircut didn't work out so well. I had to go to real salon to get it fixed...ended up looking like Chinead O'Conner...BAD!

  2. Happy Birthday, Troutie. Sorry about the haircut. At least we know you're not racist.

  3. Happy Birthday! You will be delighted to know that in little New Zealand you have what is known - in primary school circles - as a 'piss fringe.'

    That being said, when I was 7 I spent all year being deeply in love with a Kelly Someone, who sported said fringe. If he could pull it off I'm sure you will have no trouble.

    As a birthday present, you may have ALL my parsnip.


  4. I tagged you in a my last blog to see what to do.
    I hope you don't mind.

  5. Happy Birthday Troutie- hope you have a fab time, despite the 80's style scary hair cut

  6. Happy birthday Troutie. Hope it was fun. Its only hair, it grows back. Always my mantra........