Friday, 20 May 2011

Troutie's Royal Wedding in Pictures

The queue at Victoria Station for a ticket.

The Macdonalds at the airport. It's years since I've eaten from McDonalds and I was bowled over to find that it cost just £1.84 for a cheeseburger and chips. Cupcake and I were skint and holidaying on a fraying, grubby, old shoestring.

After arriving at Gatwick in disguise (in sunglasses and a Queen Elizabeth coronation headscarf )I meet Cupcake, we board the plane and land in Dublin. We continue our fast food foray with these crisps in the car park whilst waiting for our shuttle to the Premier Inn.


Settled in nicely we open some wine and try on the masks in preparation for the big day.

Morning has broken.

Fresh out of the shower I await the filling of my glass.

and then get dressed into something suitable.

Finally, the buggers are wed. Can we get on with our holiday now please? 

We check out of the Premier Inn and hot foot it into town. Will we get to our next hotel on time before the kiss on the balcony? Cupcake rushes ahead, in the hope that we will.

Time is against us, so we do what we do best and dive into a bar just catching the balcony moment.


We didn't make it to any galleries. Street Art will suffice!

 Cupcake's birthday treat to me is a spot of lunch at this  'Royal-Themed' venue. Bloody Delicious! I reccomend the 'smokies' for starters.

Finally, with the wedding frenzy over I discover an oasis..... the Powerscourt Centre with these gorgeous chillies on display

The Powerscourt Centre. Sophisticated hustle and bustle.

 and then I discovered......

the gates of heaven

My favourite shop in Dublin.Sumptuous clothes for hire!

And after a suitable period of browsing and wandering the streets we eat delicious home made cake at 'The Cake Cafe'.

Time for cocktails! (Actually rather shit cocktails at the rather beautiful Cafe en Seine.)

Time to pick up tomorrow's breakfast on a budget.

"This is what our fucking children have reduced us too!!" says Cupcake as we scrabble around in the reduced bin mourning the stylish holidays we used to have.

Then we finally retire and on closer inspection of our shabby hotel discover this.

Then the horror of the white and black mould in room 312 of The Fleet Street Hotel. Suddenly my scoffing at Cupcake's obsession with Premier Inn's seems a little naive.
When I get up in the morning I say. "That was the longest fucking night of my life." After the worst sleep EVER we discover both our bed bases are broken and that the mattresses are being propped up with towels and linen!!!! (complaint currently being processed by Expedia)

It's the morning of the REAL wedding we came for and preparations are in full swing. Not enough kirby grips? Cupcake improvises with knickers.

Despite the odds being stacked against us we still turn out alright!
Off we trot to the real wedding of the year where I make best friends with a drinking, swearing Irish priest.

Sorry it took so long to post this but Blogger did my head in!!!!!!!! You can see by the weird layout that I struggled, can't you. Grrr! Blogger. Grrr!*!??*


  1. love the tribute MJ pose in you last picture- very funny

  2. Too bad about the mildewy hotel. Sounds like you had lots of fun other than that.

  3. Best pic of Wills I've ever seen. And they say he hasn't still got it.

  4. I have to say this has been by far the most entertaining photo journal I have seen in a while!!!

    My favourite is the Queen scarf costume. Fab!

  5. You looked so great at the wedding, after staying in that hellhole hotel? I'm impressed! And the knickers thing is pure genius.