Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Life and Times of Mrs Grimes

Today I was sorting out some old papers. I came across this, dated 3rd December 2004. Apparently when I wrote it I was on a very dull training course (this may explain my desire to fling off my clothes.........)

The Life and Times of Mrs. Grimes - A Poem about Freedom

Mrs. Grimes got married and then she got divorced.
She traded in her husband for a saddle and a horse.
Whenever she was angry or feeling kind of down,
She'd saddle up her beauty and ride naked into town.

Along came plod the Policeman
And much to his surprise,
In all her naked glory,
He couldn't look her in the eyes.

Fixing on her pupils, he said
"We've 'ad complaints!
This 'ere town's respectable
And naked 'orseriding - aint!"

She replied "But Mr. Policeman,
There's no need to be a prude,
I'm not harming anyone
Just sitting here in the nude!"

"Can't you see," said Mrs. Grimes,
"My inner self must be expressed
and my inner self has told me
that she hates to wear a vest!"

"But, Mrs. Grimes," said Plod
"folk will get a frightful shock.
And imagine if every girl about town
went flinging off her frock?"

Mrs Grimes replied "That's something
I have never contemplated,
But Plod, what a wonderful world it would be
If everybody was naked!"


  1. I love this! Wonderful! and what a world it would be!

  2. Love it. Surely you have an alternate career within you?

    LCM x

  3. Funny, nice...I particularly like the vest bit (says she in thermal vest).

  4. oh that was so great !
    Thanks for having something new when I decide to visit